Popular Recruiting Companies in South Korea

*Note: this article is for purely informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement of any of these companies. For more information, see our article on the pros and cons of working with recruiting agencies.

OK Recruiting: offers placements all over the country working with mostly kindergarten and elementary students, with some positions available for older groups. Job board is available on their website.

Aclipse Recruiting: Based in the United States, Aclipse works exclusively with Chungdham Learning Institute, a hagwon with branches all across the country. Teachers may have less flexibility over location since placements are determined by Chungdham, but salaries and benefits are highly competitive. Details about the positions can be found on their website.

Korvia: Based in Korea, Korvia offers placements all over the country working with various age groups. Their website features a job board, and also has some great resources about visa documents and relocating to Korea.

ESL Consulting: Previously Seoul ESL, ESL Consulting offers a wide variety of positions all over Korea and China. Their website features a very comprehensive job board.

Star Teachers: Star teachers works offers positions all over the country, with a variety of age groups available. You can view some available jobs and get in contact with a recruiter on their website.

Gone2Korea: Gone2Korea’s website allows used to search for jobs based on location, school type, and other factors. It’s also a goldmine of information on all things South Korea.

Reach to Teach: In addition to Korea, Reach to Teach offers placements in Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

ESL Starter: ESL Starter offers programs throughout Asia and around the world, as well as internships and volunteers programs. Visit their website for more details.

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